IT Specialist

Job Description:

  • Manage server operations.
  • Handle networking and hardware tasks.
  • Ensure high availability of department’s infrastructures.
  • Recommend improvements to perceived inefficiencies of the system.
  • Catalog and manage the allocation of department technology.
  • Complete other tasks given by manager.


  • Educational Level: Not required
  • Work Experience: At least 1 years working at a technology or software development organization in a similar position.
  • Knowledge: Strong knowledge in networking. Experience setting up and maintaining software and tools to aid with the development process (Postman, Selenium, Jira, GitLab etc..), applicants should have a good familiarity with Git based version control. AWS experience.

Job Skills:

  • Good communication and elaboration skills, expressing passion and creativity in work.
  • Advanced English and Vietnamese abilities.
  • Ability to handle intensive workloads independently when needed.
  • Office software proficiency.


  • Directly contact and collaborate with Direct Manager and relevant departments to solve problems that arise during work.

Job Complications:

  • Maintain updated knowledge of industry trends and advancements.

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